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Maxine Sutton

Concerned with our relationship to materials, place & rootedness, Sutton creates highly personal work that gives form to a universal human connection to cloth. Her work explores the links between: ecology, home, women’s stories, leftovers & waste. In dialogues between screen-print & embroidery; abstraction and representation, she questions the gaps crossovers & hierarchies between craft & fine art making.

‘ I am interested in concepts of repair & restoration, in how we value small unwitnessed acts of making, and the unseen ‘

Sutton trained initially in Fine Art: Painting, at Ravensbourne, and later gained an MA from the RCA. She has recently presented work publicly for the Margate Festival 2019, been commissioned to make new work for private collections and created series’ of works on paper, acquired by Art Gazette She has recently exhibited in group shows at Linden Hall Studio, Hastings Contemporary and Turner Contemporary 2021.

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