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CJ Abbey

Born in Glasgow, I left Scotland aged 18 to go to art school; first to Cumbria College of Art, where I studied Textiles, and then Maidstone College of Art to study Fine Art (painting).

After graduating, I worked in fashion for a while before deciding I wanted to teach Art and Design. It was through my years of teaching that my love affair with clay began, but it was a while before I took it up full-time because I had other loves too: renovating old houses and sourcing antiques. 

In 2000, I went back to study at the Inchbald School of Design, where I enrolled on the MA course. I had a successful, and fun, career in London working as an interior designer, before moving back to Kent - where I had felt most at home.


Black clay and decorated with satin white glaze £65.00

Little Space Vessel [SOLD]

Coiled, grogged clay with pencil, white slip and matt glaze 


Jug [SOLD]

Decorated with cobalt oxide and satin white glaze £85.00

Circle Jugs

Buff clay and terracotta slip and satin white glaze 

Large £85.00

Small £65.00 [SOLD]

space vessels.jpg

Big Bowl [SOLD]

Coiled, grogged clay, decorated with white slip. Satin white glaze, pencil, cobalt oxide and manganese oxide.


Grey Jugs

White slip, band built with slab technique.

Glazed internally with satin white glaze. 


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