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Rosemary Vanns

My work evolves, ebbs and flows, sometimes doubling back for another look. There are changes of direction, quirks, varying energies and interests which are part of me; my own truth shaped by my own unique history. I have had to learn to accept these to be authentic and to truly embrace creativity.

Subject matter is shaped by these changing currents. A line or a shape whether it be abstract, geometric or more representational are grasped in the moment - a building, a pear, a vessel, a plant, a circle; all are documented as things of interest and curiosity. Mark making and colour are major elements - in paint, charcoal, print and collage. Ultimately I hope that my work finds an unspoken or unconscious empathy with the viewer - an honest, simple



Home At Night II

Charcoal  |  43 x  54cm  |  £245


The Moon Over The House II

Charcoal  |  53 x  44cm  |  £245



Sandana II

Acrylic on board  |  43 x  54cm  |  £595

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