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Jackie Russell

Jackie is a painter based in East Kent.  Having completed a BA (Hons) Fine Art from the University of Kent in 2005, her paintings are exhibited and sold around Kent and London, featuring in several private collections. She also runs drawing and printmaking classes and workshops from her studio.


Working primarily in oil on canvas, her paintings generally appear abstract but always contain references to the original inspirations and starting points.  They refer to real experience, and are rooted in such diverse sources as film, contemporary dance, or the significance of a particular interior.  Her current work explores responses to quiet, contemplative places. 

Long Border  44 x 44cm     oil on canvas       £525

Studio Window II    31 x 29cm    oil on canvas       £510

St Ives Window    35 x 35cm    oil on canvas        £520

Blue Room    31x 45cm     oil on canvas        £520

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